Alpen Diabas

Catalog: Basalt


Austria Austria St. Urban / Kärnten

Item Details

Recommended Usage: Ornamental stone, interior, exterrior, wall, floor

Finishing Surface:

Additional Names:Alpen Diabas Grün,Alpen Diabas Green,Blaugrüne Carat,Blue-Green Carat



This stone is only listed in EN 12440 as Carat. Here they surely would be better over the term of the fractional operator Blue Green Carat, since this allows a conclusion on the color of the stone immediately. Especially because in EN 12440 any claim to the color of the stone is missing. Another common name on the German market is Alps-green diabase. As petrographic family is specified in EN 12440 meta diabase = Metadiabas. Certainly not everyone can immediately do something with that name, so a brief explanation: Under diabases was understood earlier old basalts. These rocks belong to the group of igneous rocks, volcanic rocks subgroup.

The Carat is available in a wide variety of processing operations, diamond cut according to the purpose and visual preference, honed, polished, sandblasted, brushed or "classic" (brushed and polished) or "antique" (sandblasted and brushed). An inspection of the surfaces in Natura and a detailed consultation is strongly encouraged before they opt for a variant. 

Forms: floor tiles, steps, setting plates, counter tops, window sills, plates in various individual sizes and shapes, skirting boards, block steps, grave surrounds, palladian, flagstones, cobbles, boulders, splitting rocks, crustal plates and bricks, garden gravel and decorative gravel.
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