I need urgent ready tombstone made of black granites, 
(like;Black galaxy, Absolute Black ,Rajasthan black,Black Pearl or derivatives of black color granites.)
        Hight x  Width x Depth
Set 1:  68,5cm x  53cm  x 7,5cm  (Head Stone)
        7,5cm  x 61cm   x 30cm   (Down part)
Set 2:  75cm  x 61cm x 10cm   (Head Stone)
        15cm  x 75cm x 30cm   (Down part)
Set 3:  91cm x 61cm x  10cm   (Head Stone)
        15cm x 75cm x 30cm    (Down part)
Set 4:  101cm x 66cm x 10cm   (Head Stone)
        20cm  x 80cm x 30cm   (Down part)
I need urgent FOB prices for each set.

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