Hi! I need Russian style black granite monuments sizes of
Straight angle, 5 sides polished:
800*450*70; 500*200*200
1000*500*70; 600*200*200
1200*600*80; 700*200*200
Shaped (as in attached picture), 5 sides polished:
1200*600*80; 700*200*200
1200*600*80; 700*200*200
Preferred blocks: Shanxi Black, Hebei Black No.2, Guizhou black, Fengzhen Black, Absolute black all grades. 
Black granite monuments should not be painted or artificially enchanted to hide defects or rich better color. Only natural color is accepted. 
Any other quarries from any countries are also accepted. 
When quoting, please mention the  quarry origin and specify which grade. 
I will need at least 20 cbm each month.  

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