Inquiring whether there is a material suitable for a planned memorial in Houston, TX.  
Idea is for a wall similar to the Western Wall in Israel, about 5 ft wide x 25 ft high x 1,200 ft long.  Blocks would be 5 x 5 and random lengths between 5  and 10 ft.  The wall would be about 5 courses high, supported on a concrete foundation.
People would walk along the base and interact with the wall so spalling is a concern.  A dark colored stone with a relatively smooth surface facing the park  is desired as light projectors will us it as a screen.  Inside face would be flush with any variation set to the outside.
Our thinking is to set each block on shims and then pump grout below and on the sides as the crane picks the next block - which should provide for reasonable tolerances.  Dry stacking could work also if a quarry were able to provide acceptably close tolerances.
Schedule is a concern as the wall is the first element to be constructed and would take only about 4 mos. so production rates might also present a concern.  Hollow pre-cast concrete blocks may be necessary if no one can provide this material.

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