G603 Granite

Grey - Granite

Item Details

Quarry Location: Jinjiang, Nan'an, Fujian province

Water Absorption: 0.25 - 0.32 By Volume %

Density: 2680 kg/m³

Flexural Strength: 17.8 MPa

Compressive Strength: 168.0 MPa

Recommended Usage: kitchen and bathroom countertops, monuments, building stone, ornamental stone, stairs, interior, exterior wall and floor applications, mosaic, waterjet pattern

Additional Names: Bacuo White Granite,Balma Grey Granite,Padang Light Granite,Sesame White Granite,Padang White,Bianco Amoy Granite,Bianco Crystal Granite,Bianco Gamma Granite,Blanco Gamma Granite,China Cristall Granite,China Grey Granite,China Grey Sardo Granite,Crystal Grey Granite, Gamma Bianco Granite,Gamma White Granite,Ice Cristall Granite,Jinjiang Bacuo White Granite, Jinjiang White Granite,Monte Bianco Granite,Mountain Grey Granite,Padang Crystal Granite,in China stone market:芝麻白(巴厝白)(Zhīma bái (ba cuò bái))