G684 Black Basalt

Black - Basalt

Item Details

Quarry Location: Fuding, Fujian province

Water Absorption: 0.18 %

Density: 3030 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 24.9 - 28.7 MPa

Compressive Strength: 203.20 MPa

Recommended Usage: Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills

Additional Names: G684 Black Basalt,G3518 Granite,Fuding Black Basalt,Fuding Hei Basalt,Fujian Black Basalt,Fujian Hei Basalt,Absolute Black Basalt,Basalt Black Beauty,Beauty Black Basalt,China Black Basalt,Black Pearl Basalt,Black Rain Basalt,China Basalt,China Black,Diamond Black Basalt,Dirty Black Basalt,Padang Nero Basalt,Palladio Dark Basalt,Panda Black Basalt,Pearl Black Basalt,Puma Black Basalt,Rain Drop Black Basalt,G684 Granite,G684 Basalt,in China stone market:福鼎黑(Fú dǐng hēi),G684 Black Basalt

How thick is China's G684 Black Basalt slabs?
The thickness of Chinas G684 Black Basalt slabs can range from 2 centimeters (0.79 inches) to 3 centimeters (1.18 inches) or even greater. The specific thickness may vary depending on the supplier or customer requirements.
Can China's G684 Black Basalt be used outdoors?
Yes, Chinas G684 Black Basalt can be used outdoors. It is a durable and weather-resistant natural stone commonly used for paving, landscaping, and exterior cladding. However, it is important to properly seal and maintain the stone to ensure its longevity and prevent damage from exposure to weather and outdoor elements.
Can China's G684 Black Basalt be used in landscaping?
Yes, Chinas G684 Black Basalt can definitely be used in landscaping. It is a popular choice for various landscaping projects due to its dark and elegant appearance. This type of basalt is commonly used for pathways, driveways, patios, and even as decorative elements in gardens. It can also be used for retaining walls, steps, and outdoor water features. G684 Black Basalt is known for its durability and resistance to weathering, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
Are there color variations of China's G684 Black Basalt?
Yes, there are color variations of Chinas G684 Black Basalt. While the main characteristic of G684 Black Basalt is its jet black color, it can also have some variations in shade and tone. These variations can range from a deep charcoal black to a slightly lighter or darker hue. Additionally, some G684 Black Basalt may have small white or gray speckles or veins, adding further variation to the overall appearance. These color variations are natural and can occur due to differences in the composition and formation of the stone.
Is China's G684 Black Basalt an expensive stone?
I dont have access to current market prices and trends. However, the price of G684 black basalt may vary depending on the quality, size, origin, availability, and market demand. It is advisable to contact a reputable supplier or stonemason to inquire about the current pricing and availability of G684 black basalt.
Can China's G684 Black Basalt be used in a bathroom?
Yes, Chinas G684 black basalt can be used in a bathroom. It is a durable and moisture-resistant natural stone that is ideal for use in bathrooms for countertops, flooring, shower walls, and backsplashes. However, it is important to properly seal the stone to prevent staining and damage from water and cleaning products. Additionally, it is recommended to consult with a professional for the installation and maintenance of the black basalt in the bathroom.
Can China's G684 Black Basalt be used exterior applications in hot climates?
Yes, Chinas G684 Black Basalt can be used for exterior applications in hot climates. It is a very hard and durable stone that can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for use in outdoor environments such as gardens, pathways, and driveways. However, it is important to note that proper maintenance and sealing should be done to ensure that the stone remains in good condition in the long run.
What is the coefficient of friction of Flamed China's G684 Black Basalt tiles?
As an AI language model and not having access to specific information or data, it is impossible for me to determine the coefficient of friction of Flamed Chinas G684 Black Basalt tiles. The coefficient of friction of a tile may depend on various factors such as the type of surface, finish, and condition. It is best to contact the manufacturer or supplier directly to obtain this information.
What grade is China's G684 Black Basalt?
Chinas G684 Black Basalt is typically graded as commercial grade or first grade.