DXW201 Spring Garden Terrazzo White Big Slab Tile

Min Order : 100 Square Meters
Grade Size Surface Price
A 2400*1600*20 mm Polished (Glossy) $25/Square Meters
A 3200*1600*20 mm Polished (Glossy) $25/Square Meters



Design Base:Stone Look

Surface:Polished (Glossy)

Supplier Detail
FuJian Quanzhou Nanxing Marble Co.,ltd
Established: Jan 18,1979
China China DiamondMember 2 Years2YR Verified
Main Product:

Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Travertine, Quartz, Mosaic

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Shepard Huang
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Adr: Haidu Industrial Area Shuitou Town, Nanan City Fujian Province
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Product Description

Dongxing Group is the leading company in Terrazzo industry in China. We’re founded back in 1979, located in Shuitou, Fujian. With over 40 years histories, we Guarantee the best quality with the most suitable price. No matter you’re designer, wholesaler, construction company, furniture related, decorator or anyone who needs Terrazzo, we have our professional teams to help you. Over 50 different colors and stable quality, we offer our best services and best products only.

Terrazzo is a Green Material. It uses natural luxury stone, marble, granite, shells, etc. as raw materials, mix with Italian imported white cement and inorganic adhesive, through physical high-frequency vibration, vacuum high-pressure molding, the interior is compact and thus avoid bacteria. No pollution, zero emission and environmental protection

We provide FREE 10*10cm samples. Please pay the freight fee by yourself. If you have other required size please contact us. Samples are just for references, big slab may have little difference due to different production batch. We also welcome agents who would like to promote our product in local area, if you’re interested, make sure to contact us. Contact us on whatsapp 008613394042826, or visit our website for more info: www.dongxingterrazzo.com. 


Tile Specifications


Spring Garden Serial Number DXW 201


White Finish Polished or customized

Big Slab Size



Style lovely, modern, interior


white cement, Marble Feature Inorganic Terrazzo

Mohs' Hardness

5 Radioactivity Class A Decorative materials

Compressive Strength

Dry: 126 MPa

Wet: 140 Mpa

Apparent Density 2554kg/m³



1.33% Abrasion Resistance 44.2mm

Bending Strength

11 MPa Reaction to Fire Class A (A1)

Slip Resistance

BPN "Wet": 10 Freeze Resistance 

11.0 MPa

KMf25: 84.0

Product Show

White inorganic terrazzo is a type of flooring or surface material made by mixing chips of natural stone, glass, or other durable materials with a binder, such as cement or epoxy resin. The resulting mixture is then poured onto a surface and allowed to dry and harden.

In the case of white inorganic terrazzo, the chips used in the mixture are predominantly white in color, creating a light, clean appearance. The use of inorganic materials means that the terrazzo is resistant to stains, scratches, and UV light, making it a durable option for high-traffic areas.

White inorganic terrazzo is often used in commercial and institutional settings, such as airports, hospitals, and shopping centers, where its durability and low maintenance requirements make it a practical choice. It can also be used in residential settings, particularly in modern or minimalist design styles where a clean, monochromatic look is desired.




What is Inorganic Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a building decoration material mixed with natural stone as aggregate, inorganic cement and pigment. Its surface is smooth, its texture is hard, and its colors are rich and varied. It can be made into components of various shapes and sizes according to needs. Terrazzo is usually used for architectural decoration such as indoor and outdoor walls, floors, columns, stairs, steps, window sills, etc. It is waterproof, anti-fouling, and easy to clean, so it is widely used in commercial and residential buildings.

How thick can your terrazzo be?

The regular stock specifications of our terrazzo slabs are 3200*1600*20mm, 2400*1600*20mm. Since our terrazzo is a block type, it can support special-shaped, column, landscape stone, carving, etc., and the thickness can be customized. But the thinnest is only 18mm (except for small ornaments), this is because we are inorganic terrazzo, the material does not contain resin or glue, and the product quality is not stable after making it thin.

Can your terrazzo be customized?

Designs and colors can be customized, and the minimum order quantity is 500 square meters (3 pieces). The modulation requires a physical sample, which generally takes 3-7 days. The production time of customized blocks is 28 days.

Where is your factory located?

Dongxing inorganic terrazzo is a product of Dongxing Group. The factory and headquarters are located in Shuitou Town, Nan'an, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. The nearest port is Xiamen Port.

What processing capacity does the factory have?

Our factory can make standard slabs, curved slabs, special shapes, column, carvings, etc., and has our own professional engineering service team to undertake large projects at home and abroad.

How many square meters can a cabinet of your terrazzo hold? What is the customs HS CODE?

Our terrazzo 2400*1600*20mm slab can hold about 500 square meters in a 20GP cabinet, and the customs HS CODE is 6810999000.

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