Calacatta Quartz Slab Gold Veins

Min Order : 500 Square Meters
Grade Size Surface Price
A 3200*1600*20 mm Polished (Glossy) $100/Square Meters
B 3200*1600*30 mm Honed $120/Square Meters



Design Base:Marble Look

Surface:Polished (Glossy)

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Port : 洛杉矶-United States
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Quartz Stone, Artificial Quartz Stone, Quartz slab, quartz countertop, quartz vanity, artificial marble quartz

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Product Description

1. Artificial stone includes resin artificial stone, pure acrylic artificial stone and artificial granite, etc. The filler is mostly natural stone powder or aluminum hydroxide powder, etc. The common thing is to use resin for bonding, because resin artificial stone is generally not resistant to high temperature and hardness It is also poor, but high-quality artificial stone such as pure acrylic artificial stone has good plasticity and can be made into any shape, and artificial stone (except artificial granite) is environmentally friendly and seamless, which is not available in quartz stone.

2. What they have in common: 1. Beautiful glossy surface color and rich texture of natural stone; 2. Non-toxic and non-radiative, very environmentally friendly, and can be in direct contact with food; 3. Both are flame retardant, both are Fireproof Materials.

3. The unique performance and high cost make it more expensive than ordinary artificial stone, and it is a brand-new artificial stone product. It uses natural quartz crystal ore as the main raw material, and is a decorative panel made under high temperature and high pressure through the introduction of imported fully automatic control production technology equipment.

4. the difference between the two; quartz stone made under high pressure. Plus pigments, resins, glues and antibacterial agents are made of about 93% quartz crystal particles and then vacuum high temperature. Artificial stone: It is a mineral-filled type formed by vacuum casting or molding from natural ore powder, acrylic, high-performance resin and natural pigment.

5. The appearance of artificial stone is mostly opaque particles, and its main material is composed of acrylic and natural stone powder. Quartz stone generally has transparent or translucent particles, this is because the main component of quartz stone is quartz crystal.

6. How to distinguish; the weight of quartz stone is heavier than that of artificial stone. Artificial stone feels warm and delicate, similar to high-grade plastic texture, quartz stone is colder and more like natural stone touch, quartz stone hardness is greater than artificial stone, so quartz stone is mostly used on kitchen countertops, while artificial stone is mostly used on bathroom countertops. Quartz stone is relatively hard, so it is not as flexible as artificial stone.

7. There are many kinds of quartz stones, generally there are many colors to choose from, there are also single-color and double-color, two-color comparison cabinets can be edged, single-color can not be edged, the price is different, two-color is more expensive a little. Because the decoration used to be artificial stone, the decoration was too early, and only artificial stone could be used. At that time, quartz stone did not come out.

Artificial stone and quartz stone are very different. In fact, artificial stone and quartz stone have their own advantages. You can choose according to your own needs.

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