Fantasy Azure and Volga Blue Granite Select Quarry


Blue - Granite

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Quarry Detail
Material: Fantasy Azure and Volga Blue Select
Stock: 800
Minable Capability:300
Trade Terms:

Fantasy Azure and Volga BLue Select Quarry owner and the biggest stone processor in Ukraine AKAM LLC, offers Volga Blue Select and Fantasy Azure Blocks. We are reliable company that is on the international market for more than 10 Years. Sincerely, Andrii Moroz Commercial Director of Akam LLC. e-mail: e-mail: mobile: +380675671965 whatsApp/viber/wechat: +380675671965 skype: akamgranit. web:

Supplier Detail
Akam LLC
Established: Dec 30,2000
Ukraine Ukraine Verified
Main Product:

Volga Blue Select, Fantasy Azure, Blue Star, Fantasy Azure Blocks, Volga Blue Select Blocks, Santiago Red

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Mr.Andrii Moroz
Tel: +38-0675671965
Adr: Geroyev Stalingrada Str., 147 Dnepropetrovsk
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