Hyde Grey Schist,Hyde Brown Schist Quarry

New ZealandNew Zealand

Brown - Schist

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Material: Hyde Brown Schist
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The distinctive layering found in schist is at its very best in this stone. Quartz and mica are present in large quantities giving the stone a shimmering effect in sunlight. The uniform layering is constant, creating a very elegant statement in walling. Stonemasons claim it to be the best stone on the market today!

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Hydestone Ltd
Established: Jan 01,2002
New Zealand New Zealand
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Schist Walling Stone, Paving Stone, Landscaping Stone , Pillars, Gates Fences & Chimneys

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Mr.George Ellis
Tel: 64-3 488 3499
Adr: PO Box 13056 - 23 Brighton Road Green Island Dunedin
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