Gneiss Calanca Quarry


Grey - Granite

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Material: Gneiss Calanca
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The pioneer was, however, Alfredo"s father, Giovanni Polti, that since 1920 he engaged in the extraction and processing of Gneiss Calanca in the quarries of Arvigo, where in 1960 Alfredo Polti moved the entire production. The extraction of the stone from its own quarries and its processing into new modern laboratories and thus became two phases of a single integrated process.

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Alfredo Polti SA Gneiss Calanca
Established: Dec 31,1959
Switzerland Switzerland
Main Product:

Gneiss Calanca, Tiles, Slabs, Blocks

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Ms.Vania Polti Ambrosini
Tel: 41-91 8272442
Adr: Via Cantonale 1G,Grono 6537, Switzerland
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