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White - Marble

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Material: Spyder Marble
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Its marble quarries located in the area of the Lagoa, Vila Viçosa, with an area of 36,000 m3, are an important source of raw material of the company, resulting in an average annual commercial production of 3,500 m3 of blocks, due to the combination of specialized human resources and heavy machinery advanced technologically.

Supplier Detail
Antonio Galego Filhos - Marmores, S.A.
Established: Dec 30,1979
Portugal Portugal
Main Product:

azul lagoa, azul raiado marble, branco pardais marble, creme castanho, Branco Lagoa Marble, Limestone, Marble

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Mr.Mr. António Galego
Tel: 351-268 400 110
Adr: Lugar das Janelas Apartado 2 7160-998 Bencatel (Vila Viçosa) Portugal
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