Peperino Grigio Trachyte Quarry of Vitorchiano


Grey - Trachyte

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Quarry Detail
Material: Peperino Grigio Trachyte
Trade Terms:

Pietre Santafiora is located in the heart of this region and the history that comes with it. Wide areas allow for uniform standard extractions of materials in terms of quality and quantity, thanks to its chromatic and physical-mechanical properties. Moreover, with its anti-frost and tear resistant properties, Santafiora® is especially suitable for ventilated facade claddings of large areas exposed to salinity and located in high risk seismic zones.

Supplier Detail
Pietra Santafiora s.r.l.
Established: Dec 31,1969
Italy Italy
Main Product:

Pietra Dorata Toscana Sandstone, Pietra Dorata di Manciano, Pietra Dorata Sandstone, Grigio Perla Toscano, Grigio Perla Peperino, Santafiora, Lava grigia

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Ms.Serena Getuli
Tel: 39 0761 370909
Adr: Strada Statale Ortana Km 8.200 01030 Vitorchiano (Viterbo) – Italy
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