Piedra Roja Bermeja Tuff Stone- Bermeja Mountain Quarry


Red - Tuff

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Material: Piedra Roja Bermeja Tuff
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Located in the municipality of Tefía on the island of Fuerteventura, the Red Bermeja Stone is extracted here. Cemented basaltic pyroclastic rock, with range of colours from purple to red. Sufficiently reinforced to obtain sheets of 2 inches or more, sold as slabs and blocks. It also lends to thick coving and even sculptures.

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Canteria de Arucas S.L.
Established: Dec 29,1989
Spain Spain
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Mr.Rodriguez Lujan
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Adr: Lomo Tomás de León, s/n CP 35400 Arucas, Las Palmas España
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