Junin Beige Travertine, Light Beige Travertine(Ivory Travertine) Quarry


Beige - Travertine

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Material: Junin Beige Travertine
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The quarry (125 hectares) is located in Junín, two hours away from Huancayo city, near the Andes mountains. 4500m2 above sea level. The quarry has been tested by prestigous italian geologist which agree on the quality, color and quantity of the stone. The blocks are daily transported from the quarry to our factory in Lima, we guarantee the fastest production in our clients orders.

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Serena Marble Stone
Established: Jan 15,2007
Peru Peru
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Mr.Sergio Zuin
Tel: +511-4226130
Adr: Av. Cadiz 395, San Isidro. Lima , Peru
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