Morocco Beige Limestone, Zola Beige, Chablis, Piedra Crema Maroc Quarry


Beige - Limestone

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Quarry Detail
Material: Pierre Taza
Stock: 2000 tons
Minable Capability:1000 tons per month
Trade Terms:

Limestone is a sedimentary rock (formed by ancient rivers that slowly deposited material on their beds, that built up layer by layer over million of years). It has the following properties: - It is abrasion resistant - It is usually highly resistant to acids - It has a rough finish These properties mean that it is good for decks and external areas because of its anti-slip properties.

Supplier Detail
Grand Stone Enterprise
Established: Jan 01,1998
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Main Product:

Grey Lido, Nero Marquina, Nero St Laurent, Alhena Blue, Avallon Grey, Chablis Beige, Green & Grey Limestones

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Mr.Mohamed Taha Harrif
Tel: +212661464640
Adr: 68, Rue Melouya, Agdal, Rabat - Morocco
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