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Material: Kurdy
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The limited liability company "Kurty" since 1991 has been mining granites in several quarries of the Kurtinsky deposit. Explored and approved reserves of categories A and C1 are more than 5 million cubic meters of granite. The output of blocks of 1-3 groups is 60-65% of the rock mass. Monthly extraction of blocks - 800-1000 cubic meters. M. Granites of different sites can differ in color: from light pink-gray to dark-brown (the so-called "chocolate" color).

Supplier Detail
Kurty LLP
Established: Dec 31,1990
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
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Kurty Granite

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Ms.Galina Loginova
Tel: +7-727 376 83-02
Adr: 040613, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Zhambyl district, Kazybek Bek station
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