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Grey - Gneiss

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Material: Vals Quartzite
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Truffer AG is a leading stone processing company in Switzerland, with 55 employees working in the quarry and production facilities and 10 working in the office. Vals Quartzite(Valser Gneiss) has been quarried in Vals for centuries. It is a testimony to past, as well as modern, ways of life. Originally, the Vals peoples used the stone for walls along the roads and to cover their roofs. The uniform stone rooftops characterize the Vals villages to this day. Building laws stipulate that the roofs in Vals must be covered with split slabs. Today the stone is also used in broken, milled and polished forms for a multitude of interior and exterior applications. Vals stone has become one of the most sought after construction materials for architects around the world.

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Established: Jan 30,1983
Switzerland Switzerland
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Vals Quartzite, Vals Stone, Stone from Vals

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Mr.Gian Casanova
Tel: +41-819351642
Adr: Liemschboda 168B CH-7132 Vals/GR
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