Otta Phyllite, Otta Pillarguri Frost, Pillarguri Phyllite Quarry


Black - Phyllite

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Quarry Detail
Material: Otta Phyllite
Trade Terms:

Pillarguripiggen, just above Otta town centre Dark charcoal grey/black Resistant to frost and acid Weather resistant Tolerates high level of stress A beautiful, three-dimensional surface created by mica, hornblende and garnet crystals Golden patina

Supplier Detail
Minera Skifer AS
Established: Jun 02,1922
Norway Norway
Main Product:

Otta Pillarguri Phyllite, Oppdal Quartzite, Offerdal Quartzite

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Mr.Arnstein Saeteren
Tel: +47-7240 0400
Adr: Saeterfjellvegen 66, 7340 Oppdal
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