Weiberner Tuff Quarry


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Quarry Detail
Material: Weiberner Tuff
Trade Terms:

Weiberner Tuff is increasingly becoming a building material for the modern age. Weiberner Tuff can now be found as a pre-hung natural stone façade or as a masonry facing shell on well-known objects throughout Europe. Also this stone wins by various surface treatments a very special charisma. Whether sanded, strained, scratched or tufted, the various types of surface treatment accentuate the unique charm of this stone.

Supplier Detail
Mendiger Basalt Schmitz Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG
Established: Dec 31,1994
Germany Germany
Main Product:

Mendiger Basalt, Mayener Basaltlava, Weiberner Tuff, cobble stone, building stone

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Mr.Rainer Krings
Tel: +49-2652-9702-0
Adr: Ernst-Abbe-Straße 2, 56743 Mendig, Germany
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