Blue Cobal Limestone - Cream Cobal Limestone Quarry


Grey - Limestone

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Quarry Detail
Material: Blue Cobal
Trade Terms:

Limestone exclusive quarry for export, with production capacity and expansion. A lime of technical characteristics ideal for different uses (Floors and coatings) and in the most diverse finishes (polished, softened, Brushed, buffed, etc.). It can be cut in favour and against the vein thus resulting in different patterns in very constant colour tonalities and regular design. Blocks are produced in gang saw size.

Supplier Detail
Hm Granitos Lda
Established: Dec 31,2000
Angola Angola
Main Product:

granite, slabs, blocks, Namib Marble, limestone

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Mr.Paulo Marcos
Tel: +244-929393540 - 925 377 633
Adr: Estrada de Catete, Km 44, Bengo, Luanda, Angola
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