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Material: Gravina Tufa
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Gravina Tufi is a company in Gravina in Puglia (Bari) that operates in the construction sector of the quarries and in particular the extraction and production of tuff and tufa. Founded several years ago under the name of "Ricciardelli Srl", the company was taken over in November 2006 by Vincenzo Scarciolla, the current president, who transformed the company in August 2008 into "Gravina Tufi Srl".

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Gravina Tufi S.r.l.
Established: Dec 31,2000
Italy Italy
Main Product:

Pietra di Gravina Tufi, tuff stone, masonry

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Mr.Vincenzo Scarciolla
Tel: +39-80 326 98 72
Adr: Via Carrara Cupa, 70024 Gravina in Puglia BA, Italy
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