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Silver - Travertine

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Material: Silver Marthe Travertine
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Travertine Silver Marthe, also known in the far East as Blue travertine, belongs to the categories of the striato (silver) travertines. It is only Vein cut and has astraight vein pattern. Travertine Silver Marthe is an essentially light beige with blue horizontal veins. The structure shows its compactness and homogeneity. Generally there are no significant pores or cavities. Extracted directly from the travertine quarries in Tivoli, Rome, Italy.

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Fratelli Pascucci S.r.l.
Established: Jan 22,1922
Italy Italy
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Travertine Roman Classico, Travertine Navona, Travertine Alabastrino, Travertine Silver, Travertine Noce, Travertine Silver K

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Mr.Filippo Pascucci
Tel: +39-774 355737
Adr: Via Primo Brega,n°6 - 00011 Tivoli Terme (Rome) Italy
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