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Red - Porphyry

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Material: Porphyry Gardena
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The quarry Lastar, owned by our company, is located on top of the characteristic masonry-terraced vineyards of Cembra Valley, in a small side valley surrounded by flourishing nature. The quarried porphyry has a purple-reddish colour and it is mainly used for irregular paving stones and natural tiles.

Supplier Detail
Ufficio Centrale Del Porfido di Bogo Gabriele & C. Sas
Established: Apr 03,1984
Italy Italy
Main Product:

Porphyry, Gardena and ForteBuso, porfido del Trentino, porphyry natural and flamed, cubes, cobblestone, porphyry tiles, porphyry kerbs

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Mr.Gabriele Bogo
Tel: +39-461680046 - 0039 3489319742- 347 0087896
Adr: Viale Bonfanti nr. 2, 38034 Cembra Lisignago (TN)
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