Strzegom Oberstreit Granite Quarry


Grey - Granite

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Quarry Detail
Material: Oberstreit Granite
Trade Terms:

The enterprise Przedsiębiorstwo Górniczo - Obróbcze "GRANIT" S.A. (The Mining and Stone Treatment Enterprise "GRANIT", Joint-stock Company) Strzegom is situated within the Strzegom - Sobótka granite massif, located at the north - western side of the Middle Sudeten Foreland, extending to the Strzegom - Hills, the Jaroszów-Hills and the north-western side of the Ślęża-Mountain.

Supplier Detail
Granit Strzegom S.A.
Established: Dec 30,2000
Poland Poland
Main Product:

Strzegom Granite, Granite Slabs, Granite Blocks, Kerbstone, Pavers, Window sills

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Ms.Iwona Suder
Tel: +48-74 856 00 00 - 74 856 00 50-56
Adr: ul. Gornicza 6 58-150 Strzegom -Poland
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