Ruschita Marble-Ruschita White Quarry


Pink - Marble

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Quarry Detail
Material: Ruschita Marble
Trade Terms:

Inatalled production capacity is 20,000 cubic metres marble blocks per year. Marble is a crystalline rock formed from sedimentary carbonate rocks, metamorphosed under conditions of temperature and high pressure. Ruschita presents a variety of colours: yellowish, orange, light pink and pink mostly with veins and compact texture.

Supplier Detail
Marmosim SA Simeria
Established: Dec 31,1997
Romania Romania
Main Product:

Statuario blocks, Ruschita Marble, Baschioi Limestone, Podeni Limestone, Pietroasa Andesite , Geoagiu, Carpinis Travertine

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Mr.Viorel Berindeie
Tel: +40-721286181- 254260851
Adr: Strada Cuza Vodă 24, Simeria 335900, Romania
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