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Grey - Andesite

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Material: Andesite Pietroasa
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The Pietroasa andesite quarry is open on hilly terrain near the city of Deva, Hunedoara country, average altitude is 350 m. Andesite is a volcanic rock with a base structure of glass-porphyry and with a compact texture. Homogeneous in terms of background grey color pigment is used in exterior design elements. Flexural strength: 12.46 MPa - SR EN 12372 AC:2002; Flexural strength after freeze: 11.46 MPa - SR EN 12372 AC:2002 Water absorption: 3.39% - SR EN 13755:2002;

Supplier Detail
Marmosim SA Simeria
Established: Dec 31,1997
Romania Romania
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Statuario blocks, Ruschita Marble, Baschioi Limestone, Podeni Limestone, Pietroasa Andesite , Geoagiu, Carpinis Travertine

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Mr.Viorel Berindeie
Tel: +40-721286181- 254260851
Adr: Strada Cuza Vodă 24, Simeria 335900, Romania
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