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Beige - Sandstone

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Quarry Detail
Material: Rachael Beige Sandstone
Trade Terms:

the quarry of Lepenice located in the city of Vlora allows extraction of a beautiful stone such as Rachael Beige...This material suitable for every application, walls, floors, interior and exterior . Due to its low apsorption rate this material is suitable for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, etc..

Supplier Detail
SAL Stone Albania Sh.p.k.
Established: Dec 29,1988
Albania Albania
Main Product:

Slabs, Sandstone Blocks, Marble, Tiles, Olivia Gray, Olivia Fantastic, Rachael Beige

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Mr.Dhimiter Kapaj
Tel: +355-697051771- 697051770 - 682064172
Adr: Rruga Nacionale Peshkpi km 7, Vlorë, Shqipëri
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