Calacatta Leyne & Breccia Leyne Marble Quarry


Semi White - Marble

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Material: Calacatta Leyne
Stock: 50000
Minable Capability:100000
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Calacatta Leyne quarry is located in the heart of the Agean Region, known as “Caria” in ancient times. The marbles of this region was the primary source of stone for Ancient Architecture as well as Stratonikeia the city of gladiators and the largest marble city in the world. This region is known for producing variety of marbles and it is influenced by the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantium and Anatolian periods while its importance continued during the Ottoman and Republican eras.

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Kar Mining Ltd.
Established: Dec 28,1985
Turkey Turkey
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grigio carnico, black agate, black forest, karaoz black, night blue, black marble

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Adr: Yatağan-Bodrum Karayolu 5.Km 48500 Yatağan Muğla TÜRKİYE
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