Ceppo Di Gre® Conglomerate Quarry


Grey - Conglomerate

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Material: Ceppo Grigio Conglomerate,Ceppo di Gre
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Ceppo di Gré® is a prestigious Italian stone of light grey with blue hues colour. It is a monogenic dolomitic breccia, with cementation calcareous, belonging to sedimentary rocks clastic. It is extracted in the underground quarry owned by Marini Marmi since 1897, on the north-west bank of Iseo Lake, situated in Gré, in the municipality of Solto Collina. Particularly beautiful and resistant for its caracteristic that makes it unique, exclusive and very elegant.

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Marini Marmi Srl
Established: Dec 30,1897
Italy Italy DiamondMember 1 Years1YR
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ceppo di gré®, nuvolato di gré, aggloceppo®, marble blocks, slabs, cut to size

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Mr.Giulio Marini
Tel: +393317449884
Adr: Via Gré 1 - 24063 Castro (Bergamo) - Italy
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