Sarner Porphyry Rosso Vormeswald Quarry


Red - Porphyry

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Material: Sarner Porphyry Rosso
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Porphyry stones have been extracted in the "Vormeswald" quarry since the mid-1980s. We acquired the prospecting rights for this quarry in 2017. We now mine porphyry around 10 months a year, which is processed into five different product groups or sold directly. The quarry itself is located at an altitude of approx. 1,300 - 1,500 m southwest of the Bundschen district in the Sarntal. The pink porphyry is mined in stages from top to bottom over an area of ​​approx. 7 hectares, using the most advanced mining machines: the latest drilling technology, a hydraulic splitting cylinder and a mobile wire saw enable the porphyry blocks of the highest quality to be mined carefully.

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Mair Josef & Co Kg
Established: Jan 01,1990
Italy Italy
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Sarner Porphyry Grau, Sarner Porphyry Rosso, Porfido Verde, Porfido Grigio Verde, cobble stone and tiles , pavers and cubes

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Stefan Patscheider
Tel: +39 0473 730261
Adr: Kiefernhainweg 98 I-39026 Prad am Stilfserjoch, Südtirol
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