Mexican Red Dragon Onyx Quarry


Orange - Onyx

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Quarry Detail
Material: Mexican Red Dragon Onyx
Trade Terms:

Mexican Red Dragon Onyx, a semi-precious stone, Onyx is a symbol of luxury, which due to its beauty and translucent properties has become an icon for the design of spaces. A material that will give your project a unique and incomparable value.

Supplier Detail
Marveg Marmoles Velasco de Guadalajara
Established: May 01,1964
Mexico Mexico
Main Product:

Onyx Naranja, Onyx Dragon, Onyx Pna, White Tiger, Polaris, Verde Tikal

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Jose Roberto Gomez
Tel: +52-3336350606
Adr: Av. Revolucion No. 2545 SR CP 44810 Guadalajara , Jalisco
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