Hotavlje Quarry -Hotavlje Sivi Marble, Hotavlje Tamni Marble


Grey - Marble

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Material: Hotavlje Sivi Marble, Hotavlje Tamni Marble
Trade Terms:

Karnian (Cordevol) limestone in Hotavlje, also called the Hotavlje stone or "Hotavlje marble", greyish-pink and red colour. It gives this mineral an attractive mottled image of a nest and irregular lens of grey, opaque yellow or scarlet dolomite in the form of small rhombic crystals, white and coloured calcite veins and several fossil remnants, especially of algae. Very frequent are also reddish or greenish slate clay inputs affecting the solidity and persistence of the mineral.

Supplier Detail
MARMOR Hotavlje, d.d.
Slovenia Slovenia
Main Product:

karnian cordevol, hotavlje roza limestone, different kinds of stones

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Ivan Tavčar
Tel: 00 386 4 507 00 55, +386 (0)4 507 00 00
Adr: Hotavlje 40, 4224 Gorenja vas Slovenia
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