Business Type:Natural Stone

Established:Dec 31,2000

Total No.Employees:1 ~ 5 People

Main Products:Marble, Travertine, Tiles, Mosaic, Pavers

Company Description
The company "Travertin Lux" is engaged in the production of products made of natural stone, used for exterior and interior decoration of residential and non-residential buildings of any purpose and for lining marble and granite stairs. We employ experienced designers and designers, as well as specialists involved in finishing work.
   For 16 years of existence, we have fulfilled a large number of orders, many of which have become our pride and adorned the image of the cities of Moldova. Today, such a direction as facing with natural stone, is gaining momentum, gaining increasing popularity not only in Chisinau, but also in other places. Order a stone for the facade, both in Moldova and abroad, not only restaurants, cafes, clubs, but also private individuals.
Types of decorative stone
We use different types of natural raw materials:
First, the sandstone is an easy-to-handle and inexpensive material that allows the realization of complex shapes;
Secondly, limestone is also affordable, durable and durable material. A variety called "WHITE CASTLE" has gained tremendous success in the country;
Thirdly, we are promoting a kind of stone, like marble and travertine in Moldova, where it has become a real hit since 2015. In particular, "EXCLUSIVE BEIGE ANTIC".
   We bring only high-quality decorative stone for the facade, from which the magnificent facade slabs are made. We carry out not only production, but also their installation. In this case, the masters use in their work several options for fastening the elements, including the so-called. "ECO Facade".
Types of facade decoration
   Under the order is developed an exclusive facade decoration of various types. Natural stone raw materials are also used for the manufacture of cornices, decorative casings, window sills. It creates elegant panoramas and massive columns of stone, balustrades, balusters and other products that can completely change the face of a private house, museum, institution.
   But facing the facades of houses by standard methods, this is not the only offer for our clients. In order to give the facade part of the building uniqueness, decorative carving on the stone can be used. This technique allows you to apply on the surface of unique ornaments, patterns and drawings on the surface of such products as fireplaces made of natural stone or crypts. The designer uses a ready-made sketch, or develops a project for you.
   We carry out manufacturing of products from a stone for a facade of any complexity, irrespective of volumes of work. To specify details it is possible by the phone specified on a site.
"Travertin Lux" company - production, stone carving, facing and installation of natural stone products in Moldova !!!
Address: Șoseaua Muncești 799, MD-2029 or. Chișinău, Republica Moldova
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