Business Type:Natural Stone

Total No.Employees: People

Main Products:Marble And Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Mosaic

Company Description
Tuma Hnos. Ltda. began operations on 16 June 1973, dedicated to the production of mosaics, then ventured into the manufacture of agglomerated marble in 1981 sold products with imported granite. 
With the passing of time, accompanying the development of modern architecture, Tuma Hnos. Ltda. has made the greatest works throughout the country, in the area of mosaic tiles and marble and granite imported and national origin. 
Tuma Brothers. Ltda. Is a manufacturing company dedicated to all kinds of self-employment, all the related field of manufacturing production of cement and marble factory jobs, commercialize and distribute it throughout the country. 
The mission of the company Tuma Hnos. Ltda. 
Now is to get more customers and satisfy their needs through quality products at the lowest price. 
The vision of the company Tuma Hnos. Ltda. 
Maintain the position as market leaders, without diminishing the quality of products with the best technology.