Business Type:Natural Stone

Total No.Employees: People

Main Products:Natural Artificial, Stone, Marble, Granite, Quartz

Company Description
Pietralux company is a new company in Moldova. aimed at modernizing the design of your home.
Pietralux put on Moldova's market a wide range of articles from natural and artificial stone (marble, granite, quartz) stone which now are used to modernize the design in the U.S., France, Italy, Russia, etc.. Moldova company also proposes a new product, quartz, which comprises 95 natural quartz, 5 chemicals that material and make it safe.
We offer a wide range of stones from around the world that can be used both for kitchen, bathroom as well as for flooring, fireplaces, stairs, floors and walls. The company's mission is to provide an ideal product for any area destinatade be beautiful and elegant, but functional and endurance that we as a modern house you need a product that combines the advantages of modern beauty to your wishes.
The company offers the guarantee of quality and beauty of our products.
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