Business Type:Natural Stone, Stone Service

Established:Mar 12,2007

Total No.Employees:11 ~ 50 People

Main Products:Labradorite Blue Granite Blocks, Labradorite Blue Gemstones, Manganese Ore, Red Garnet

Company Description
Stonemada™ is the owner of a vast quarry of Labradorite blue Madagascar granite which is known as Labradorite blue Austral granite.
Stonemada™ is the only one company who supply blocks of Labradorite blue granite from Madagascar.
The quarry contains both Labradorite blue in its precious form for jewelry and Labradorite blue as commercial granite for interior use.

Labradorite blue Madagascar is basically expensive because it is classified as most luxury stone as granite. It is also expensive because of its mystical characteristics as well as its specificity.

Labradorite blue Madagascar brings blesses to the person who buy it according to several past experiences, believes and scientific study.

Apart from Labradorite Blue, Stonemada™ is a giant supplier of Manganese ore as well. Stonemada is able to supply very huge quantity of high quality Manganese ore in the long run.

In addition, Stonemada™ offers also Red Garnet and Golden Labradorite for Jewelry applications.