Business Type:Natural Stone

Established:Nov 01,2007

Total No.Employees:11 ~ 50 People

Main Products:Quartz, Crystal, Fossil, Gems

Company Description

our web site is

We are an export company,

We export industrial raw or polished stones, fossils of ammonites and nautilus, original gems from Madagascar.

We are looking for buyers from around the world, Asia, America, Europe, Africa, etc.

You are interested in our products, you can send your order and we will send you a Purchase Order to farm sign.

Our prices will be determined after the order volume and destination of goods.

We can also sent photos of the goods.

we currently have in stock:

Giant ammonites-sawn and polished to about 70 cm wide and up to 1m22 wide.

- the well-polished labradorite with faces bright blue gold.

- variant of celestite geodes 10kilos to 30kilos also beautiful

- Timber scilicifiés egg-shaped, polished.

- raw garnets and garnets cut well purplish red.

Project Show
Salon 2022
Salon 2022 Salon 2022 Salon 2022 Salon 2022