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Main Products:Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone

Company Description
Natural stone is a great construction and trimming material. It combines naturalness, elegancy and luxury. Each product made of natural stone is unique and can not be repeated since the tints and patterns are created by the nature itself. If you want to add your interior a respectable and expressive look choose the natural stone. The natural stone is a multi-purpose material. It is firm, durable and diverse. Strong resistance to abrasion and frost resistance allow to use this material both for exterior and interior trimming of premises.
Our “Osiyo Granit” Company has a long-term experience in the field of stone processing and is the largest manufacturer of marble and granite products in Central Asia.
We have a production base with the most up-to-date European equipment such as one of the newest developments of the well-known Italian "Breton" Company i.e. modular granite paving tile production line that allows us to produce paving tile with absolutely precise size and geometrical forms.
High precision, modern equipment allows us to produce products made of stone of practically any forms and sizes.
For our work we purchase diamond and abrasive tools from the leading European firms such as “Diamant Bort” (Belgium), “Delass”, “EDM” and “Abra Iride” (Italy).
Every year our Company increases the production output and range of products. We export our products to Russia, USA and UAE. Large Companies and private customers cooperate with us. Constant attention to the newest technologies in the field of processing and application of facing stones allows us to work on orders of any complexity and volume. Our experienced, high skilled staff is disposed to careful, accurate work with clients.
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