White Alabaster Block, White Alabaster Rocks, Alabaster Raw Blocks,Alabaster Boulders

Min Order : 21 Tons

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White - Alabaster


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Minera Sumin USA Corporation
Established: Jan 03,1992
Mexico Mexico
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Alabaster, Marble, Basalt, Alabaster Blocks, Alabaster Slabs, Alabaster Products

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Mr.Antonio Gomez
Tel: +01-6789338129
Adr: Humberto Lobo No. 520 Interior M-1, Col. Del Valle, San Pedro Garza García Nuevo León México
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Product Description

Natural Alabaster, beautiful white stone used for thousands of years to carve anything from small vessels and vases, to translucent instalations, lamps, tables, and large sculptures. It is noted for its translucency that highlights the natural features of the stone. 

We can provide 21 tons of blocks, small cut blocks, slabs, powder and final prodcuts. 

As producers, we handle all the processes, and have no middlemen. Our stones are the best quality in the world. We dedicate our full attention and give exceptional customer service to wholesales, architects, interior decorators, sculptures and anyone in the marble industry. 

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