Tanzanian Onyx Blocks

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Stone Name:Tanzanian Onyx

Gold - Onyx


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Afriq Stone
Established: Jan 13,2014
Kenya Kenya
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Onyx, Granite, Marble, Blue Stone, Yellow Stone, Mazeras

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Mr.Oscar Kinoti
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Adr: Katani Road, Syokimau
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Product Description

Onyx is a stone that has many definitions applied to it over the centuries. Traditionally it will present as having disnstinctive bands, but not always. As a rule, it is somewhat exotic in appearance and therefore onyx slabs bring in a level of desirable luxury into modern space. The stone is formed into translucent layers of marble. They provide a focal point wherever they are used.  Exotic statements of nature, onyx is a magnificent gift of nature, it is a gift of warmth that includes an incredible gift of color. The Onyx color palette goes from a rich neutral to exotic depths of color. Define your living space, your statement of design and your special architectural look with the stunning beauty of Onyx.

Onyx has a transparent quality that makes it a favorite of architects and designers looking for a standout material for feature spaces like bars, reception counters or bath suites. Each slab can vary dramatically in color and veining, making them true individual works of art, an attribute that makes the best Onyx slabs both rare and costly.

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