Karystos Quartzite S.Irine Quarry

Greece Greece Greece Karystos Evia

Multicolor - Quartzite

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Material:Karistou Blue Quartzite,Karistou Brown Quartzite

Stock:6000 m2

Minable Capability:600 per day

The company is currently own two quarries from which we excavate all types of stones. The quarry in the area of Agia Irine is famous for the big and durable pieces of stone that it offers. The second quarry is located in the area of Melissonas close to the mountain of Ohi. The advantage of the specific quarry is the quality and the beautiful colors of its stones. Our quarries are operating all the periods of the year.
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Emmanouil Manolis
+30-22240 - 31664
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