Calix Limestone Petrada Hum Quarry


Beige - Limestone

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Quarry Detail
Material: Calix Limestone
Trade Terms:

Calix is a bright material comprising evenly distributed shell fossils. These shell fossils are found in different sizes, ranging from very small ones, to the ones the size of a fist. It is a very hard and full material. Through the process of polishing it achieves a high-gloss finish.

Supplier Detail
Vadjenje Kamena Selca d.o.o.
Established: Jun 30,2002
Croatia Croatia
Main Product:

blocks, limestone albus, blocks, limestone calyx, blocks, tempus limestone

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Mr.Leo Trutanic
Tel: +385-21 622 351
Adr: Dujma Hrankovica 4, 21 425 Selca, otok Brac, Croatia
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