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Silver - Travertine

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Material: Travertino Striato Silver
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Founded in 1976 Marmi e Travertini is internationally known as a premier resource for marble and travertine. With decades of experience and passion, Marmi e Travertini offers a superb selection of materials combined with the highest quality of custom manufacturing. Marmi e Travertini s.r.l. Via Pegrosse 421/B 37020 Volargne (Verona) Italy Phone: +39 045 6860933 Fax: +39 045 6860491

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Marmi e Travertini s.r.l.
Established: Dec 30,1975
Italy Italy
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marble, travertine, daino medio, daino reale, daino nuvolato, alabastrino travertine slabs

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Ms.Valentina Puddu
Tel: +39-45 6860933
Adr: Via Pegrosse 421/B 37020 Volargne (Verona) Italy
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